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    2 Bedroom Rates

    $190 / night (5 night minimum)
    $1,150 per week
    $2,050 - $2,200 per month *

    *Depending on Length of stay

    A cleaning fee will be applied to each rental.  Lodging tax applies to all stays less than 30 days. 
    Request a special quote for Holiday and Special Event Rates and specials throughout the year.

    3 Bedroom Rates
    $215 per night (3 night minimum)
    $1,250 per week
    $2,200 - $2,400 per month*
    * Depending on length of stay
    A cleaning fee will be applied to each rental.  Lodging tax applies to all stays less than 30 days. 
    Request a special quote for Holiday and Special Event Rates and specials throughout the year.
    What's Happening?


    Summer to Fall - Still a great time to go to the River!

    Summer, 2011 is coming to an end. The kids are heading back to school, there will be homework, sports, etc... How about one last trip to the River! After Labor Day the crowds thin out, the air is still warm and the water refreshing - perfect for one last weekend away! Check our calendar and pack your bags, summer's not over until we say it's over!


    Moving day disaster averted!

    First off - Using my blog to rant is not what it was intended for..however, I am hoping that by getting this out there others won't have to go through what I have experienced the last few days. 

    We had a horrible experience with Budget truck rental yesterday. We had reserved 2 trucks almost 5 weeks ago for a move to a different state. When I called Budget yesterday to confirm our pick up time for our rental we were told that they had overbooked trucks and were not going to honor the reservation! They didn't even call us to tell us there was an issue.  We would not have known until Saturday when we went to pick up the trucks that there was even a problem.  When the "Western Regional Inventory Manager" called me later in the day he told me that a reservation only confirms the price and does not guarantee that the vehicles will be available.  He went on to tell me that even if they had the trucks available another customer without a reservation could rent the trucks just by going to the counter and renting them in person - at a higher rate of course since there was no advance reservation. We feel this was all about dollars and cents - it was absolutely not about customer service.  They won't ever get our business again!

    By the way, Thank you U-Haul for coming through at the last minute and at a better rate!


    Comments from our Guestbook

    We have a guestbook in the condo and ask our guests to write something about their visit and our amenities.  Following are some of the most recent entries:

    Memorial Day Weekend:  An Amazing Condo!  Thank you so much.  We had lots of fun.  Save the date for next year - we are coming back!

    May, 2011:  Thank you for opening the doors to your home.  We had an amazing time.  <The condo> is comfortable, welcoming, relaxing and beautiful.  We look forward to staying here again very soon.

    River Run Weekend 4/11:  OMG!  This place is awesome.  Thank you so much.  Our stay was first class!  The condo was clean and spacious - we lacked for nothing!!!  Major blast, we will be back.

    Summer is booking up fast - be sure to make your reservations soon for your preferred dates.


    Drive faster!

    Nevada DOT (department of transportation) recently raised the speed limit on highway 95 between Las Vegas and Arizona from 65mph to 75mph.  Consequently, this means that those of us who were driving 71 or 72mph with the 65 speed limit will now be driving at 81 or 82 and get to the River just a little bit faster!  Since I drive this road often I had to stop to take a picture of the limit sign.  The change is obviously new as a number of other drivers were around the 65mph speed.  The area around Serachlight and Cal-Nv-Ari are still 65 and Searchlight itself is still 25mph.  Finally be aware that the 163 heading into Laughlin is still 65mph and did not change!


    See what you are missing?